Newborn baby Aiden

~ A I D E N ~ 2weeks new!

First up this morning was this little dude and wowsers did Aiden give me a proper workout…he did NOT want a bar of any photos today…super slow start and then boom…he zonked out and Aunty Zee managed to finish with his gorgeous family and gallery.

Phew…hardest little nugget I’ve had in three years! BUT he is so worth it! Here are a few examples from his session….

emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-068 emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-077 emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-086 emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-091 emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-093 emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-103 emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-117 emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-124 thumbnail-emily-clare-newborn-photography-baby-aiden-081